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Frequently Asked Questions  
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  • 10) How can I encourage my employees to use Central Hub daily?
    1) The main objectives of Central Hub should be clearly understood by all employees. As a corporate cross-departmental reporting system, Central Hub serves the purpose of gathering all the cross-departmental issues in one central location for analysis, with the aim of improving workflow, mitigating risks, and implementing corrective actions. It is not intended to assign blame or point fingers at any individual employee. 2) Employees are more likely to adopt and use the Central Hub if they believe it is based on fair actions and fact-based decisions. 3) Additionally, by promoting corporate values and work code of ethics, the organization can instill in employees the importance of being objective professionals who prioritize transparency in their work culture. 4) It is also important to note that a clear rewarding system can be established to incentive employees and improve their overall performance. (For more tips check our blogs)
  • 11) Do you have any further questions?
    (Contact us)
  • 2) Why would I choose Central Hub?
    Central Hub is the optimal solution for those seeking a harmonized culture where all departments seamlessly collaborate with a shared vision of transparent communication in order to address the ongoing issues and enhance the workflow. It provides a comprehensive overview of all reported issues in the form of analytical statistical reports that can help you make well-informed decisions.
  • 4) Can everyone in the company submit reports on Central Hub?
    Central Hub is intended to allow only team leaders to report on their team's daily cross-departmental issues.
  • 9) How long would it take to integrate Central Hub into my system?
    Within 48 hours, your account shall be primed for activation.
  • 8) How can I subscribe to Central Hub?
    You just need to contact us, and we will follow up with you at each step until your account is activated.
  • 1) What is Central Hub and what is it used for?
    Central Hub is a corporate cross-departmental reporting system. It is mainly designed to afford team leads the opportunity to report on their team’s daily cross-departmental issues, while also enabling them to showcase their exceptional problem-solving capabilities. Moreover, it grants you full visibility into all ongoing reported issues, allowing you to intervene when necessary. Central Hub also generates statistical analysis reports, providing you with essential figures and numbers upon which you may base your decisions.
  • 6) Is it safe to use Central Hub?
    Certainly, Central Hub is hosted within a secure cloud infrastructure that has been meticulously designed to protect the confidentiality of your company’s personal information. For more information about data security (Check Our Privacy Policy).
  • 5) Why are team leads the only reporters in Central Hub?
    To ensure the objectivity of reports and to prevent the dissemination of malicious or impulsive claims that could undermine the report's credibility, which could lead to protracted and unnecessary investigations and waste everyone's time and effort.
  • 7) How does Central Hub process my confidential data?
    Central Hub ensures the maximum protection of your personal information and any automatically collected data. It holds steadfast in its commitment to refrain from sharing or selling any data under any circumstances. Additionally, it guarantees that it will not access your stored data without your explicit authorization. For more information about data security (Check Our Privacy Policy).
  • 3) How many interfaces does Central Hub have?
    Central Hub has two interfaces: The admin interface, which empowers users to build their organizational structure and provides a full visibility over the ongoing reports. The user interface, serves as the team lead interface, which afford team leads the opportunity to report on their team’s daily cross-departmental issues.
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